Moses Olafenwa

Creator of ImageAI ,
Co-Creator of TorchFusion,
Co-Author of Introduction to Deep Computer Vision,
Co-Founder & CEO AI Commons Global Limited ,
Computer Vision, Deep Learning Researcher and Developer,
Web, Android and Software Developer.



ImageAI is a python library built to empower developers to independently build applications and systems with self-contained Computer Vision capabilities. Built with simplicity in mind, ImageAI supports a list of state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms for image prediction, custom image prediction, object detection, video detection, video object tracking and image predictions trainings. ImageAI currently supports image prediction and training using 4 different Machine Learning algorithms trained on the ImageNet-1000 dataset. ImageAI also supports object detection, video detection and object tracking using RetinaNet trained on COCO dataset. Eventually, ImageAI will provide support for a wider and more specialized aspects of Computer Vision including and not limited to image recognition in special environments and special fields.

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IdenProf is an image dataset of identifiable professionals, which are mostly uniformed. This dataset is to faciliate the development of AI systems that can perceive and understand their environments.

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AI Commons

Our Mission which we choose to accept is to advance and democratize Artificial Intelligence and make it accessible to every individual and corporate entity of all sizes everywhere on earth.

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Developing state-of-the-art mobile applications and solutions for businesses, individuals and research purposes.

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PC Software

Developing highly productive and innovative Software systems for businesses, individuals, special projects and more.

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                  I am a self-taught Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Computer Vision and Deep Learning practitioner with a dream to build technologies that will benefit all of mankind. Skilled in multiple programming languages and multiple frameworks, I am a knowledge-centric fellow who belives in continuos learning, adapting and self development. I stay abreast always with modern and emerging technologies. Currently working on the use and possible innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I am passionate about how AI will shape the future of mankind for overall good.
                  With strong passion for developing technologies with direct impacts on the lives of people and progress of businesses, I am a relentless believer in the possibilities humanity can achieve with technology and the various problems we can solve. I am a christian with love for truth, peace and harmony.

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