Moses Olafenwa

♦ Creator of ImageAI
♦ Co-Founder & CEO of DeepQuest AI
♦ Computer Vision & AI Engineer
♦ Technical Writer

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              I am a self-taught Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Computer Vision and Deep Learning practitioner with a dream to build technologies that will benefit all of mankind. Skilled in multiple programming languages and multiple frameworks, I am a knowledge-centric fellow who belives in continuos learning, adapting and self development. I stay abreast always with modern and emerging technologies.
              Currently working on the use and possible innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I am passionate about how AI will shape the future of mankind for overall good. With strong passion for developing technologies with direct impacts on the lives of people and progress of businesses, I am a relentless believer in the possibilities humanity can achieve with technology and the various problems we can solve. I am a Christian with love for truth, peace and harmony.
              I am an experienced programmer with expertise in Python, Java, HTML5, MySQL and NoSQL databases. Conversant with using frameworks such as Keras, OpenCV, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pyramid Web and development tools like Netbeans, PyCharm, Visual Studio and Android Studio .

ImageAI Project

AI for Python Developers ♦

In April 2018, I created and published ImageAI , an easy to use Computer Vision Python library that empowers developers to easily integrate state-of-the-art AI in few lines of Python code. ImageAI is widely used by researchers, students, businesses, institutions, teams and individuals from around the world to build AI powered projects. See more details below:

  • 3000+ Github Stars
  • 60+ Countries
  • 75,000 Developers
  • Multilingual
  • 100+ Articles
  • 500,000+ Media Coverage
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DeepQuest AI

Democratizing AI ♦

In June 2018, I and John Olafenwa Co-Founded DeepQuest AI, An Artificial Intelligence company that develops next-generation developer tools for easy integration of AI in any application and enterprise project, with support for any programming language and platforms, one of which is DeepStack AI Server.
At DeepQuest AI, I am responsible for all business operations, coordinating team work and collaboration, partnerships with other organizations and research institutions, meeting with stakeholders in the Artificial Intelligence and related Digital Technologies industries.

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Tutorials ♦
Articles ♦

My love for writing about technology and its practical applications gave me an incredible push to publish documentations, write extensively on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision as well as continuously support the global developer community that read my contents and use my projects. My articles have been read over 500,000 times on excluding re-post by scores of website and official projects' documentations.

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I have worked on numerous projects such as deep learning playgrounds, an AI-powered Windows Picture Gallery, image datasets, computer vision books and more.

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